Latest rapidleech Script-rev 429

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  1. pslakmal says:


    I need to make a rapidleech web site which is converting links and already I have zevera can I use it there to generte links? Alos please can you tell me how to use this script to make a web site as currently I have a blog (WordPress site with dedicated hosting) can I use it to make a new page for this thing, Please reply


    • Dverbame says:


      just download the script

      upload it to your server

      then unzip it, set the premission according to the tut and you will get it

      you can give links and it will make them direct

      • pslakmal says:

        Can I use Zevera there to generate premium links for the users?

        • Dverbame says:

          didn’t try with that . but you can give rapidleech almost every links that uses username & pass

          and there are lots of developers that make plugins for rapidleech site that you want

          i will put the training of that soon ( maybe tommorrow or the day after it )

          • pslakmal says:

            Thanks so much one more thing is can I see that php script I mean can I view it on xampp? I tried but not working

          • Dverbame says:

            yes , it works with xampp

            think , deleting .htaccess file will solve your problem

  1. 2015-02-08

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