Exynos 7 Octa based on 14nm process

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  1. Kushi says:

    He talking about Galaxy Note 10.1.ipad 3 vs Galaxy note 10.1 Build QualityIpad 3 has amilinuum Note has plastic bodyshell which is plus But looks solid ipad 3 is thick Note is thinnerheavy light DisplayIpad 3 has high resolution Note has lower resolutionRetina displaybetter viewing angles not asa better as ipad Interfacesimple easy to use very rich and beautiful interfacebut boring, not customizable thanks to touchwiz, floating apps make it even better. functionalityNo real multitasking, however very rich multitasking, can workswitching between apps is quick. with more than two apps at amore than 270,000 apps available time, thanks to the floating appcustomised for ipad s, samsung’s brilliant stylus add much more to its functionality. lack of apps optimized for Note. HardwareDual core 1ghz processor Note has a big edge over ipad with it’s 1.4 ghz quad core proc essor, which buries ipad’s process or in dust.1gb ram 2gb ramI would definitely prefer Note 10.1 over ipad 3 even iPad 4, Samsung’s stylus is the biggest pro for me as a graphics designer

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